Living Room Based on Future Design

Living Room Based on Future Design
Everyone who want to build large home sometime will confused about the design for their living room, if we had fault in designing, the room will not optimized well. To optimized we need to use several things we consider. First, how many room we want to build, two, what common material are used for building, and third, what model are we want to build.
This design are used to consider for who want to build large living room. The design are based on future design, with wood color floor, and decorated with sofa, the room also suitable for entertainment room by completing the room with home theater or television or other live music peripheral.
Not only for living room, the design also suitable for hall hotel room, the guesses will more feel comfortable with live music or watching film room.
The design was taken from, with future design, if we want to change the design with Chinese design, we just change the color with red and gold color, and by completing the room with Chinese lamp, Chinese ceramics and furniture.

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