Brightness Living Room with Wide Window

Brightness Living Room with Wide Window
Designing and decorating a set of living room furniture are not too difficult, just use suitable sofa and decorations, for small family we can design the room with small sofa or small chairs, but for a big family, use several sofas and chairs. Choose the suitable table with the chairs, we don't need a big or large table, just use simple table, we use the table just for placing snack or soft drink.
The important thing when designing the living room, are the decorations and the lightning, place small bouquet or other simple plants on the corner of the room. To create the room more attractive, we can hang the picture on the wall. Use carpets to make the room more comfort, so our children can playing on the floor safely.
To reduce the electricity usage, we can build large window to ensure natural lightning entering the living room. If we build our living room i the second floor, place the room near the balcony, so we can seeing around the house directly.
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