Founding Your Perfect Home

What images should I look for?
As a rule most people select images that mean something to them. Some of the more popular images today include sepia photographs, Tuscan landscapes, large flowers, Muskoka scenes, wildlife prints, and abstracts. The common thread that ties all of these varied subjects together is the colours the artists have used in their palettes.

"In the past two years we have discovered that a majority of people are selecting art to go with their décor," says Deena Pantelidis-Kowalski of Select Art Galleries. "Today's trends dictate a minimalist look in art as well as framing, whatever the choice of subject."

Photography, especially black and white, is also growing in popularity among art enthusiasts and decorators alike. Original photography at affordable prices can be found on websites such as Shoppers can choose from more than 100 original prints from locales including Paris, Prague, and New York and frame the image right on the site. Each city comes as a series, so finding six or seven prints to fill an entire wall is a piece of cake.


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