Improve Hidden Space at Your House with Attic

Attic and the room under the upstairs are seldom to exploited to be favorite room, so, why don't we use them to expanding the room functions.
Improve Hidden Space at Your House with Attic
With land costs and provincial policies resulting in ever-shrinking building lots, builders and homeowners are being forced to transform redundant areas of homes into usable living space. The popular open-concept floor plan effectively eliminated hallways and foyers that consumed viable living space. And of course the previously maligned basement is now an integral part of a home.
Improve Hidden Space at Your House with Attic
So how about all the crawlspace in the roof, traditionally known as the attic? Although older homes continue to have their attics retrofitted, newer homes pose challenges the industry may need to address.
When converting your attic into living space, it's important to be realistic about its dimensions. Although it wouldn't take much to create that stunning his-and-hers walk-in closet above the master bedroom, it'll be a little more challenging, if not impossible, to create a billiards room.

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