Bringing Glamor Back, The new Home Design Trend of 2008

Several famous home designer said that Design trends are fascinating things to observe. They can be predictable or surprising, so the recent interest in natural materials has spawned the renewed fascination for glamorous and refined designs" in the look he calls "Luxe Redux."Here are highlights from Remignanti's 2008 Design Trends report:
  • The Return of Glamour: A renewed appreciation for post-Deco glamour brings refined silhouettes and finishes to the fore. The look of "Luxe Redux" features gently swept lines, strong geometric forms, and finishes that emphasize exotic veneers.
  • Scaling Down: Exaggeratedly oversized furniture is on the way out.
  • Scaling Up: Not everything is going small scale. "A very hot trend is large scale patterns used in fabrics and floor and wall coverings.
  • Black and White: Stylish interiors are using black and white as the main color scheme. "Using black, even as the dominant color in a room, can yield classic and refreshingly chic results.
  • Accent Colors: A "spice-inflected" palette will be the hottest look in accent colors for the coming year. He lists carnelian, flax, russet and acid green as the hottest hues, and predicts that 2008 will be the year that blue makes a strong return.
  • Vintage in the Mix: A still-strong trend of "a la carte," mix-and-match interiors has people combining old and new pieces in interesting ways.
Remignanti counsels against the idea of "rules" for good design, but offers one piece of timeless advice. "Remember that however well put together a room may be, it's meant to be used. If a room isn't comfortable and inviting for those inside it, it's a design failure, no matter how stylish it may be."
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