Designing an Antique Chinese Dinning Room

Celebrating Chinese New Year, in around the world there are a lot of people who want to celebrate with Chinese style in all things. One of the most famous of Chinese style is room design. Especially for designing Chinese dinning room,we should considering several important thing.

First, The walls of the dining room are painted a warm mustard color to offset the burgundy drapes and a restored wooden Qing dynasty lampshade is covered with Xian silk. Six yokeback armchairs - all balanced forms and artistic lines-are placed around the dining table set with traditional Korean celadon ware.

Second, Chinese calligraphy, carved woods, latticework, lacquer and open fireplaces define the series of intimate lounges and dining room which make up BAM-BOU restaurant in London's Fitzrovia. Vietnam and China have interwoven histories and today the ethnic-Chinese (Hoa) constitute the largest single minority group in Vietnam. It is common to fine Chinese temples and homes that once belonged to rich mandarins still intact across the country today.

The last thing is the impressive dining room table, we need special Chinese furniture to improve the sense of Chinese culture, we can use orient or Chinese Traditional table set. The image are taken from

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