How to prevent an un-vented roofs caused by cold-climate ice dam leaks?

Ice Dams occur when temperatures drift between 10 and 30 degrees f. Ice builds up on the edge of the roof, but snow will melt above the ice ridge and the water will collect and flow under the shingles and into the house, causing tea-colored stains on walls and ceilings and destroying wallboard, plaster and insulation.
Following are some steps you can take to prevent or eliminate ice dams:
  • Do not climb on the roof to remove the snow or clear the vents.
  • Do not chop or pound the ice off the roof. You can damage the shingles, gutters or worse.
  • Carefully remove the snow above the ice dam. Remove as much of the snow as possible above the ice dam buildup. Using a conventional ROOF RAKE can cause damage to your shingles. Avalanche's cutting frame and guide wheels allow you to remove the buildup safely.
  • You can apply sidewalk snow-melt chemicals (NOT SALT) to ice dams. Salt can damage your shingles and stain your siding. Snow melt chemicals are available at most hardware and grocery stores. Use a ladder to get NEAR, NOT ON, the roof and apply the deicer to the ice highest on the roof.

roofs caused by cold-climate ice dam leaks

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