Interior Lighting and Decoration on Minimalist Room

The light arrangement for the design minimalis must pay attention to the colour of the foundation of the room, so as to be able to make the room looks wider than the fact, in decorations, we need to use small decorations and furniture to reduce the use of excessive space. On this first picture, the room used simple lamp located on the corner of the room, this lamp is just used for standby only, the main lamp is located above the room. Don't forget to use colours that were harmonious for the carpet, the floor and furnitures, we can also use more then one similar color, such as brown and warm for the wall, table, chair, and use blue color for the book shelf.
interior lighting

On this picture, the room decorated with more simple decorations, This design really was suitable for the room that was small on the corner of the house, the round table usually used for 3 or 2 person for having small dinning, or just drinking. The similar color with more color change of the room and the lighting will show the romantic atmosphere.

interior lighting

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