Elegant Chair Design with Metallic Silver

Can you imagine to build this metallic chair by your self, actually, we can create this metallic silver chair, for the materials, we can choose a simple metal and design it like this. The important thing is the color of the metal. Here are several tips to make your chair surface looks so bright and elegant. On this tips, we use American Accents Primer and American Accents Metallic Silver paint.
  1. Remove chair pillows and accessories. Lightly sand the chair surfaces with a high grade sandpaper to ensure a smooth surface for painting. Wipe chair free of dust and debris with tack cloth.
  2. Apply one coat of American Accents Primer to the chair. As always, follow manufacturer's recommendations on preparation, application, drying times and clean up.
  3. Once dry, lightly spray on an even coat of American Accents Metallic Silver paint. Apply a second coat, if necessary, within 1 hour or after 24 hours.
Adopted from: paintideas.com

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