The Inspirations of creating healthy house in cities

There are many aspects to consider in creating a healthy house planning, Sometimes we called a healthy house as a green house design. I hope by these considerations can give you an inspirations, based on, you can creating a maximum benefit from minimalist design by home improvement or house remodeling:

  • best green home designThe use of site for maximum room zoning, by placing rooms in compact and integrated arrangement, you can reducing the complexity of the room compositions.
  • The use of wide openings and ventilations to support 'breathing' rooms, this step can also make your room more attractive, you can also let the natural lighting entering your room, so we can also reducing the cost of electricity used.
  • Maximize empty and green areas to grow gardens, This way can improve the capacity of oxygen, so we can get more fresh room.
  • The use of roof to deal with rain and hot sun, so we will feel more comfortable
  • The use of high ceiling to make the rooms fresher and cold, it also can make the room looks more elegant.

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