Avoiding Mistakes in Interior Design

Mistakes on interior design can happened in many cases, unsuitable selection of furnitures, not fit (too big or too small), to the decorations that are too focused on the decorating trend curve, and another small thing that make our room looks irreguler. Please note that the trend decor is something to recur, choose the decor trends you like, make a plan, and follow your plan wisely. So you do not need to throw too much money on parts that do not actually need.

Here are several mistakes in interior design and the solutions:

Not fit in furniture selections.
Plesase pay your attention to measure your space or room before buy a furniture.

Unbalanced between the function and the decoration value in room's decoration,
Pillows are great accessories to use to add interest and softness to a space, but they should be functional, not just decorative.

Hang All Your Artwork and Mirrors at the Same Height
We Should undertsand that people’s eyes are not at the same height. Think about it: a 6-foot person’s eyes are higher than those of someone sitting on a chair.

Docorate the rooms with the last trend in a continuous time
Choose trends you really like and decide how you can get the look without spending a lot of money. There are ways to incorporate decorating trends into your decor without making a total change. You’ll save money but not be left behind the decorating curve.

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