Kitchen Lighting Tips, use natural and tech

Kitchen Lighting Tips, use natural and tech
Kitchen lighting should provide sufficient light to all kitchen, the use of natural lighting with large window or transparent ceiling is smart solution, and we can also use technology to improve kitchen lighting. Here are several tips on kitchen lighting from uktv:
  • Install a pull-down ceiling pendant over a dining table to control the pool of light thrown over the table and make the space bright at breakfast time and intimate in the evening.
  • Exposed light fittings collect grime which cooking creates, so where possible opt for recessed or semi-recessed fittings. Also, if the bulb is well recessed, the object you are lighting will become the key focus rather than the light source itself.
  • Avoid creating lines of downlights in the ceiling as your kitchen could end up looking more like an office. Instead, think of what you want to light and focus the downlight over a dining table or a work island for instance.
  • Don’t just think practically – have fun with lights too.
  • Think about investing in a retro neon sign that casts a blue or pink glow over your room, or look for novelty or fairy lights that add a light-hearted touch as well as casting a twinkling light over your room.
Kitchen Lighting Tips, use natural and tech

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