Best Tips on Decorating Small Interior

Do you have trouble in decorating a small room? You may feel that there is not enough space for your personal belongings or collection, and it may looks cramped and disheveled.I f so, start by thinking back to a room from your past that made you feel incredibly secure and happy.

Before you run off to the home decorating store, or start arranging your furniture, familiarize yourself with some of the basic principles you will want to adhere to when decorating your small space. This is an important step before you find the best composition.
Be smart in storage choosing

Storage is a necessity for all of us; unfortunately, it is often a big challenge when it comes to small spaces. But there are some unique ways that you can make the most out of your home’s storage space, without having to give up your much-valued living space.

Fool the Eye
Streamlined furnishings, mirror and glass emphasize available space. In order to visually expand a room's size, designers and architects include negative space (the areas of emptiness that surround furniture) wherever they can. By choosing furniture with legs rather than skirts, incorporating glass where possible, and adding reflective elements like mirror, crystal and silver to an interior, you can amplify available light and space to create an expansive feeling, it's named fool the eye.

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