Best Minimalist Home Style with Neutral Paint and Simple Furnishings

fireplace for minimalist room design, home improvementThe best way to get best minimalist home style is the use of paint and furnishings, neutral paint such as a muted or toned down paint on your wall is one of the first steps in achieving a minimalist home improvement. It can go with anything and it looks relaxing as opposed to using "loud" colors like vibrant reds or yellows. Using a neutral palette keeps you in a safe zone especially if you are decorating your home for the first time. Neutral color goes with anything, whether you have a plain white sofa or a blue sofa, dark or light stained furniture, and it is easy on the eyes. If you must use vibrant color, jut paint one wall which will be your accent wall. This can be used as a focal point, instead of painting all four walls with the same color.

simple furnishing for minimalist design, home improvement
The second way to get a good home style but minimalist is the used of simple furnishings, Some sofas can be too stuffy with big rolled arms and bulky legs. Use a sofa that has clean lines. Choose upholstery that is simple. A plain white or cream-colored sofa is a good choice as opposed to a sofa with bold patterns and designs. A nice dark-blue sofa with a couple of striped pillows in the family room can help hide food accidents or stains. Do not overcrowd with too much furnishings. Keep it simple. A sectional sofa plus a coffee table and side table is enough to decorate a small living room.

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