unique home decorations+bamboo+chair
unique home decorations+bamboo+chairTraditional material such as bamboo and wood usually used in large kinds of furniture, but for modern furniture, we seldom use them as the furniture materials. On this picture, uniquedecor
used an unique bamboo chairs created by Anthony Marschak. The Spring Chair by Modern Bamboo contradicts every normality of a traditional chair. With no legs to stand on, the Spring Chair's fluid design is made of one perfectly formed piece of 100% laminated bamboo. Because bamboo is a strong, durable material, the Spring Chair is able to have a thin, curvaceous profile and remain light weight. Its shape is ribbon-like, which is fitting, since its natural color and form seamlessly weaves in with any modern decor. It's classic simplicity meets modern design at its finest, and with the Modern Bamboo Spring Chair's ergonomic design, it will be as comfortable as it is stylish!

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