Furnished Model Home by Jeff Click Homes

Furnished Model Home
Furnished Model HomeThis Furnished Model Home created by Jeff Click Homes, Jeff Click Homes has been recognized by colleagues in the industry as a standout among its competition for this home, which has been honored with awards in three of five categories in the 2007 Central Oklahoma Home Builders Associations' annual Parade Of Homes. Builders, designers, Realtors, and other industry professionals from throughout the state toured Parade homes entered for the awards, which were comprised of 5 total categories and divided by price point and region.

For the $200K-400K price point in Edmond, JCH was awarded “Best Overall Design,” which encompasses the design and functionality of the home’s floorplan in general.

Jeff Click Homes also was awarded "Best Kitchen." Judging in this category included both design elements, use of materials, and overall functionality.

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