Home Design Color Trend of 2009

Color trend is unpredictable, but with based on several people ideas, it can be predictable, here are several home design color trend of 2009. Living in today's world, where color and design have became a rather individual expression of our personalities and our way of thinking and living, inspiring industrial product designers and stimulating their creative senses is not limited to introducing new colors and finishes. The selection includes fourteen colors, drawn from bright yellows and warm reds to classic whites and blue. To create visual delight, I divided it into five categories.

  • Unpredictable Resurgence of Luminescent White
Includes two whites and a special effect finish. It is reminiscent of the days of glamour, elegance and luxury. It provides free expression going beyond the self.
Home Design Color Trend of 2009Chimera: a luminescent and elegant velvety white, suggestive of a grotesque product of the imagination.

Albertstein: a blushing rosy white, indicative of excessive wild intelligence.

Cold Scent: an aromatic, silverish special effect reminding of Alpine mountains.

  • Artistic Passion
Includes two reds, an orange and a metallic finish. Finding names for these colors meant tapping into our heritage from an artistic angle. Home designing by using this color, can make the room more artistic and passion.
Home Design Color Trend of 2009
  • Mother Nature in its Infancy
Natural is neutral, with natural home color, we can keep the originally of the color. Includes two clean natural yellows and an organic green. This category is an expression of joy, happiness, growth and harmony.

Home Design Color Trend of 2009
  • Traditional Illuminations
This is simple color for your home, includes a dark blue and a dark grey. It insinuates trust and accountability, and promotes the feeling of being closer to the home.

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